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Electric Gas Meter

Electric Gas Meter


l Electronic gas meter is intending for measurement of gas volume by individual consumers.

l Basic load is 4 burners gas range with oven.

l Gasometer is operating at the ambient temperature -10C to 50C, atmospheric moisture capacity not more than 95% at temperature 35C.

l The gasometer has LCD indicating device on which figures show gas volume in cubic meter at the left to a point, and three figures after a point accordingly the tenth, 100-th and thousand shares of cubic meter.

l A gasometer feeding is carried out from the lithium battery which is ensured functioning of the gasometer within not less than 12 years from a date of issue.


Electric Gas Meter 


Electric Gas meter is used in household. Mainly used for 4-burner gas cooker with ovens Natural gas (pressure not more than 5.0kPa)

Liquified gas (pressure not more than 5.0kPa)

Characteristics and Working Conditions:

  • LCD display
  • Working temperature: -10c to 50c
  • Air moisture is not more than 93%, at temperature not more than 35c


  • Relative accuracy range:
    Qmin-0.2Qmax = ±3.0%
    0.2Qmax-Qmax for grade of accuracy 1.0 = .±1.0%
    0.2Qmax-Qmax for grade of accuracy 1.5 = .±1.5%
  • Maximum working pressure is not more than 5.0 kPa (0.05 kg/cm2)
  • Nominal diameter of T-pipe – 15mm, on the T-pipe there is thread G 1/2 for installation
  • Gas measuring range: from Qmin=0.04m3/hour, up to Qmax=1.6m3/hour
  • Measuring device capacity- not less than 99999.999m3, smallest scale division - 0.001m3.
  • For gas meter a lithium battery is used ER14505 size AA 3.6 V
  • Working period – 12 years from the date of production
  • Weight – almost 0.7kg
  • Dimensions of gas meter not more than 80x80x80mm
  • Main material is Aluminium
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