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  1. Normal Combi Boiler

This is the best solution for saving energy and optimal use of central heating and hot water.




What is a combi boiler?

A combi boiler provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler.

Here’s an example of a central heating and hot water system layout using a kombi boiler:


A combi (or combination) boiler is an ingenious space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in homes.

A combi boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Therefore, no separate hot water cylinder is required, offering space saving within the property.

Further benefits of a combi boiler are significant savings on hot water costs and the fact that hot water is delivered through your taps or shower at mains pressure. So you can enjoy powerful showering* without the need for a pump.

Another combi boiler benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs, since no tank in the roof space means less pipe work and a shorter installation time

2-Solar Combi boiler

Solar thermal heating systems are the most popular renewable energy product on the market today; meeting today’s building regulations cost-effectively. They utilize the sun’s radiation – the most abundant energy source available to us, to heat a household’s hot water, from the shower to the dishwasher.

Combining an LPG condensing boiler with solar thermal
water heating dramatically reduces energy bills and improves the home’s sustainability, without expensive installation or maintenance costs.

LPG of ZANA GAS is the fuel of choice for non-mains gas areas, with the lowest carbon emissions of any fossil fuel available in rural areas.*

How the Solar Thermal Heating System works in your home

With Below instruction photo’s we try to explain how the Solar Thermal Heating can provide your home with central heating and hot water effortlessly.




Solar thermal heating system

How does it work?

Solar thermal flat plate collectors or evacuated tubes are positioned on the building’s roof. They absorb energy from sunlight, and in some cases, daylight. This energy is transferred into a fluid, which is circulated around the system, heating up to 50% of the home’s hot water, from the washing machine to the bath.



LPG gas boiler in combination with electricity

The benefits

Solar cylinders can provide almost all of a home’s hot water during summer, and about 50% year round.

Adding solar thermal to an LPG system reduces your household carbon emissions by 16%.*

Benefit from reduced fuel bills with annual savings of around 20%.*

Did you know?

Solar panels can provide effective energy even on grey days. For optimum benefits flat plate collectors should be installed on a south-facing roof, angled between 35° and 45°. Evacuated tubes can be installed on a pitched or flat roof as well as building façades.