Bulk Tank Gas Delivery

How do I know when to order more gas? image001

Everything is automatic and with our advanced and comprehensive delivery network, we will ensure you receive the most efficient service possible. All our drivers are highly professional, dedicated to making sure you get your gas, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the convenience of gas on tap.


Scheduled delivery

We will arrange together with you the delivery schedule. ZANA GAS will forecast deliveries where possible, based on your predicted consumption. However, until after your third delivery (by which time we will have established your consumption pattern) please monitor the tank gauge to check that it does not fall below 33% (or 1/4 on the fractional gauge).

Please inform us if you plan to vacate your home for a prolonged period, make any extensions to your home or purchase additional gas appliances. These are all factors which affect our delivery forecast so please call your local customer services team.image003


There are two types of gauge. It should be noted that both types are float gauges, similar to a car petrol gauge, and therefore can only be used for guidance. Please note that, when full, the percentage type gauge reads 85%, and the fractional type gauge reads ‘F’.

 Peace of mind


If you are having a new tank installed, ZANA GAS will ensure it contains sufficient gas to last until the first delivery is made.

Before and during every tank refill our highly skilled drivers will carry out a range of important safety and maintenance checks. Should they find anything that needs attention, ZANA GAS will take care of this.

Once the gas delivery is complete, the driver will leave a delivery note stating the number of liters delivered and other details.